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The Hepatitis viruses result in an irritation of the liver and can have serious consequences on your health if left neglected. Hepatitis A, B, and C can be caught in a variety of ways; with contaminated food, sexual intercourse and through swapping needles between drug users. Hepatits A, as well as B can be easily gotten while traveling in certain parts of the world. Make a consultation today with one our examination labs for Hepatis testing in San Diego.

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Our Hepatitis tests are able to detect all three of the hepatitis infections (A,B,C) by looking for antibodies created by the body as a defense against the hepatitis virus. We provide the most advanced and accurate FDA-approved tests on the market and deliver results in 1-2 days.

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Hepatitis Testing With STDAware San Diego

Any individual whom is having sex could be at danger for contracting hepatitis. Guys who make love with other guys, those using illegal drugs, those who have certain illnesses that make clotting blood difficult, or anyone living with somebody with a hepatitis infection have a higher danger of contracting hepatitis A. Individuals with these risk elements could take into consideration hepatitis screening.

Once sick, there is no cure for hepatitis A, however many people will recover on their own (they could really feel sick for a few months). During this time, sleep as well as lots of drinking of fluids is recommended, as well as liquor need to be stayed clear of given that it can also harm your liver. If you believe you were subjected to hepatitis A recently, seeing a medical professional within 2 weeks is essential; they could give you medicine which may help prevent the illness.